Transition TR450 is in!

Transition TR450 is in!

we finally have our TR 450s in

and there Sick!!

The single pivot progresive travel frame has huge potential to be the new DH frame to have without the price tag, these frames retail at $3599.00 with a latest generation fox dhx RC4 rear shock!

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Now we got the frame yesterday and had the build going straight awaywe were building it up for Dave DuPlessis one of our sponored riders, we canibalised a giant glory1 for the parts which worked out pretty good considering the only thing that needed replacing was the headset, chain device and seatpost. the cable routing is pretty cool to, with the deraileur cable runing through the rear triangle and making a nice neat line to the X9 rear mech. first thing we noticed about the build was the attention to detail in the frame, the welding was imaculate and all the mounting points for anything that had to be bolted onto the frame was well thought out even down to a Pclip rear brake hose mount so the cable canot foul on the crank under compression. this made the build a breeze

then Dave came in and saw the Mavic Demax wheelset we had in stock and  had to pimp it out even more. now she is down at Nanup for the PMBC race this weekend so we will see if it rides as good as it looks.

Full review coming soon…