something a bit different!

something a bit different!

We have started working closely with vinyl and sign writing company Racegraphics who specialize in car vinyl wrap and are now branching out into bikes, we gave them one of our Iron Horse Sundays to do there magic on, and well as you can see by the pics its not something your gonna forget…..

the design is Mahogany wood and it does look pretty good in the flesh, we have it in Carine on show and i have been asked a couple of times weather it is built out of wood!. You can get the vinyl in pretty much any design you want from carbon fiber to marble.

Now the cost of a job like this isn’t cheap, depending on the product you would be looking around $500.00 but keep in mind it will protect your paint job underneath, so when your sick of the look or its starting to look worse for wear after a couple of seasons abuse you just peel it off and have your flash new paint underneath.

If this is to expensive or a bit Fancy for your taste we are developing a new product called Tuf Skinz which is a new clear vinyl that is used in alot of Motorsport. We are firstly making pre cut fork protectors and will be selling them for $10.00 a leg, if you are heading to the natoinal champs in Adelaide you will see these on all of our riders forks.

These products will be available in a couple of weeks when we have a full writeup on them..