Euro Bike 2010, my take on the show

Euro Bike 2010, my take on the show

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I have just got back from Europe and on my adventures i went to Euro Bike, and wow what an interesting show, on one hand you have all the big names trying to out do each other with huge displays, TV screens everywhere, enough lighting to light up a small town, even topless models with painted Tour De France jerseys! (hey it is Europe). then on the other hand the amount of weird kooky stuff that just makes you think why?.

That’s euro bike, now I’ve done a little write up on what was hot and what was well just plain weird.

Eurobike was held this year at a nice little place called Freidricshtafen Germany, which is right next to lake Konstanz that is shared by Germany, Switzerland and Austria. the venue was massive with 565 different stalls from the massive big budget stands by the leading brands to the small one and two item company’s trying to push some weird product, the place took at least two days just to walk around let alone having a chat with people.

Anyway i was on the hunt for some cool off road gear, and without a doubt found it,  we started off at the specialized stand which was really well done with all most a nightclub theme then in the middle were all there off road arsenal with wooden logs as stands and a wood chip  surrounding  looked pretty cool, here are a couple of pics of the new demo for 2011 colors nice but its still the same bike as last year.  And fairly close to the specialized stand was the Rockshox stand where we found the new Domain triple clamps which feature a simple compression adjustment and rebound adjustment similar to the 2009 models and look like they will be a great cheaper alternative to WCs or team BoXXers.                        

Manitou also had there new offering to the DH world in the form of the new Dorado, they have supposedly solved the binding issues with a new lubricating system and the fork looked pretty cool but time will tell,                    I’m sure know ones rushing out to buy them just yet.

Scott had there new range of DH and Freeride machines and they actually looked really good with a floating pivot rear end, low bottom bracket height and slackened head angle they looked the bizz and weren’t that heavy either

even the all mountain were nice with a really stout low slung riding position instead of the generic cross county geometry you get with almost all “all mountain” style bikes.  and the added a height adjustable seat post.

one of the standout hardtail Dirt Jump bikes we found at the show was from a company better known for there ultra light XC bikes Merida, yes Merida actually do cool hardtails called UMF here are a couple of pics      

KTM the motor bike company also do push bikes and are quiet big in Europe they had some questionable designs at the show, there DH bikes looked well “interesting” to say the least with some wacky bolt on head tube design, there cross county bikes and dirt jump bikes actually looked pretty good though. Intense had the new M9 on display and it looks like a ripper with a height adjustable bottom bracket and nice slack head angle I’m sure this will prove to be there most popular DH machine yet, also from the intense stable I came across there new Tracer 29er which was just something different and showed how allot of the higher end companies are turning there attention to 29ers.

And Nuke Proof a UK Brand that Australians know a lot better for there good quality bars, stems, pedals and titanium springs, they now build DH bikes and they look “the Bizz” i will have a separate writeup for these coming soon but for now here’s some pictures to tide you over!  

and this really doesn’t have anything to do with off road but damn it was cool, Schwinn had there new cruisers there and i couldn’t think of a better idea for a bike! check the pictures you will know what i mean..

Genius !!!

the new Trek was not bad, it was nice and lite but had really compact riding position, and was setup way to high at the front in the picture, but with some good adjustments it would ride pretty well.

and just to really rub salt into all you giant STP lovers wounds here are the 2011 model STP,s that will not be coming into Australia, its a shame because the bikes look awesome, they all have adjustable dropouts for both single speed and multiple, the frames were a vast improvement on the previous design too. Giant Aus what were you thinking!

now i thought i would add a couple of pics of random stuff to show you how big the expo is and of the weird stuff that i saw at the show, and i tell you what this was just the tip of some really strange stuff the euros seem to love.

thanks for reading my take on euro bike, and soon we will have some more articles from my trip to Europe including a review on the Mondraker Summon DH bike and the new Nuke Proof range.

See you on the trail….