CCR Racing Light sets.

CCR Racing Light sets.

CCR LogoCongratulations on either buying or thinking about a CCR lighting system! A product that all of us at Carine Cycles have put a lot of time, effort and problem solving into. From the start to end this product has as much of our thought put into it as our own bikes. This was started because we were tired of using lighting systems that didn’t have parts that we thought were imperative for correct operation that were missing. A light set up built for Mountain bikers, for mountain bikers. We even have one of our road riders using one now!

We started work well before Christmas and are now seeing the start of what we hope is a great product for cyclists everywhere and every discipline!

It all started with our employees and team riders getting frustrated with light systems that just weren’t bright enough or strong enough to use for proper off road riding. Even when you pay a good chunk of money to get what is considered the best in the market. Then there was the issue of our customer base also wanting something better from a high end lighting product. This was the beginning of CCR Racing, although the name wasn’t bred until much later.

After many months of testing, reworking, re-testing and ironing out the little bugs that came up we ended with a kit including:

Head Light,  31.8 light bracket, 25.4 bracket, Screw connections , Double skinned batteries, Clear button, Rubber battery suround.


As an idea of the level our light sets went to in testing, we had the lights left on while immersed in water, to make sure it wouldn’t fail if ridden in heavy rain. Tested both on road situations and off road situations. Thought went into ventilation for the LED with O rings to seal the electrics.And screw on connections for superior sealing and connections.

Battery SealingScrew Connection

Our charger has been completely SAA approved, and the ventilation finalised on  the head to avoid the LED over heating.

Light VentilationThe ventilation was a big issue for us, with the ventilation ports it opened the light set up to the elements, but without them we didn’t want to run the risk of closing the vents off and not allowing the LED to cool, which would mean issues with longevity of the light. An issue we didn’t want. After discussions with the team building the light we decided to leave the vents in and increase the security with an O-ring fitted inside the head to protect the circuits. This now means that the light not only cools by letting heat out but air rushing past the vents while riding increasing the cooling effect. Which is only a good thing.


The light set is finished with a neat, tidy unit, well ventilated, and ready to attack all your local trails, and maybe even go with you while you search for newer places to travel and ride!

This is a short story about the work, and testing that went into creating the light set, a lot more went on behind the scenes, with tests for our team, friends and employees, A lot of emails and meetings over many months, to bring cyclist a light set that is built specifically for cyclists.