All New Norco Aurum Down Hill Machine (instore now!)

All New Norco Aurum Down Hill Machine (instore now!)


All i can say is WOW

For a price point production bike to be this well finished off is rare, the new Norco Aurum 1 and 2 have blown the DH bike market out of the water with a sub $3500.00 bike and a sub $5000.00 bike.

The standout features include the integrated fork bumpers, keyed and replaceable pivot-bolt receivers, post-mount rear-brake studs and an extra derailleur hanger stashed on the frame. These are all godsends for privateer racers or anyone spending some serious bike-park time.

The Aurum™s geometry numbers are also quite noteworthy. Not only does it push the slacker and lower trend with its 63.5-degree head angle and sub 14-inch-high bottom bracket, it is the only bike we know of that has size-specific rear ends-as the frame size increases the chainstay length also increases. Impressive.

Norco™s ART linkage uses a chainstay-mounted pivot for a rearward axle-path and minimal brake jack. This rearward axle path, combined with the slack head angle, soaked up square-edged hits nicely, allowing the Aurum to hold speed through rough steeps. The linkage also has a good deal of anti-squat, which manifests as snappy acceleration when you put power to the pedals. The suspension tune on the Aurum
felt about perfect as well It was nice and linear through most of the travel with a bit of a ramp up near the end to prevent harsh bottom-outs.

check out the specs in our webshop or better drop into one of our stores and see them in the flesh.