A New Year, Some New Specials

A New Year, Some New Specials

We know as well as anyone that Christmas can be a real load on the bank account, but we also know that if you want a new bike it can feel like forever if you don’t have the funds. So here at Carine Cycles, we have decided to line some bikes up, across the range at a special price for our customers. Whether you want a new downhill, or a new hybrid, we have worked some sums out to help you get on your new bike, sooner.

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New Year Specials:

Giant Reign SX: Was – $3500.00 NOW: $1750.00 

Giant Trance X3: Was – $2200.00 Now: $1650.00

Giant Filter: Was – $1149.00 Now: $850.00

Giant Glory 01: Was – $4499.00 Now: $3199.00

Giant TCR Composite 2 (XS): Was: $2200.00 Now: $1100.00

Giant Transend 1: Was – $700.00 Now: $550.00

Giant Transend 3: Was – $450.00 Now: $380.00

Apollo Mondale: Was: $1100.00 Now: $650.00

Apollo CompX: Was: $2200.00 Now: $1050.00

Malvern Star XCS 1.0: Was: $600.00 Now: $429.00

Malvern Star Alcova: Super Special $675.00

Malvern Star CruiseStar: Super Special $399.00

Malvern Star Oppy A2: Was: 1300.00 Now: $650.00

Kona CinderCone: Was: $1399.00 Now: $979.00

Kona Shonky: Was: $1299.00 Now: $599.00

Norco Wolverine: Was: $1300.00 Now: $650.00

For more information on any of the specials listed, visit the online shop, where you can see pictures and more information on each model. If there is anything you would like more information on, don’t hesitate to email us using the tab on the top right of you browser, or the contact page.