Transition TR450 review

Transition TR450 review

we had our tame D.H racer Dave “des” Duplesis do a review on his new steed the TR450

have a read see what you think..

First thoughts

Turning up at the shop to see my new tr450 frame coming together first thought was how good the bike looked such a clean tidy looking bike with its simple looking pivot design and clever cable routing.  It was together and looking sick but had one thing missing a wheel set to match and had seen a mint whee

l set in the store and had to but them on the bike they were just meant to go with that frame so I had to put them on.

First ride and race

The first thing I noticed when I jumped on the new rig was how plush it was the feel of the rear end was amazingly smooth. After the first run down the track and playing with some of the many settings on the rear shock I was loving the bike was a bit of a change from my glory witch had a much steeper head angle but with the slacker head angle the tr450 was loving the track.


Having had a couple runs trying to learn the track I was starting to get off the brakes threw some of the rock section the bike just seeming to love the rock sections I was just able to point it in the direction of where I wanted to go and it would just do the rest  other than a couple rider errors by me the bike would stick the line every time, when it came to cornering it was good at that as well although the bike had a slightly longer wheel base I couldn™t notice it around the corners it would react so well over the roots and rocks when cornering I think its because how low the hole bike is set out with the swing arm and shock being low down.

Jumping well this bike really comes into its own well that™s how I found it when I first tock it to the air, it just felt so nimble and easy to throw around but yet so stable at the same time its hard to explain its just one of those things you need to experience for yourself.

Over all thoughts

Over all I was very impressed and am stoked with how the bike works and wouldn™t be surprised if I see a lot more of these rocking up to some of the races over the next few months. All I have to do now is get off the brakes and just ride my bike and looking to improve my times in the races as I get more used to the bike and it limits witch I don™t think I™m even riding it close to at the moment.

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Dave (Des) du Plessis